A new era is starting with Kaya Izmir at the historical Agamemnon thermal spa which is renowned for its remedial thermal waters since the ancient times. Kaya Izmir offers its guests a 5 star, luxurious thermal and spa experience at a location surrounded by pine forests and overlooking Izmir Bay.
Kaya İzmir Thermal & Convention
Located in the Balcova region which is known as the historical Agamemnon thermal springs and renowned for its remedial thermal water since the ancient times, the 5 star Kaya Izmir Thermal & Convention Hotel is proud to be able to make its guests feel better by combining the medical care with plenty of oxygen and natural qualities at its physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities which is recognized as the most modern thermal spa and treatment center in Turkey. Kaya Convention Center is the largest in Izmir with its 2,000 m² astylar style spacious hall built on 5,800 m² grounds.
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Kaya İzmir Thermal & Convention

A brand new hotel offering a luxurious thermal and spa experience!

We promise an indulging experience for our guests at Turkey's most modern thermal spa and treatment center with plenty of oxygen combined with natural qualities.